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Preview of Custom Photoshoot by Mockuuups
Man holding iPhone mockup Computador mockup iPhone mockup Payment terminal and iPhone mockup Worker with Google Pixel mockup LGBTQ+ iPhone mockup Sport themed mockup Business woman with iPhone
Mockup of man and woman interacting with iPad Woman paying with iPhone mockup Kids theme with iPad Air mockup iPhone mockup sliding into the pocket iPad Air mockup Isometric clay iPhone mockup iPhone mockup in the office environment MacBook mockup on the table

You want to attract your ideal customers. But...

AI Generated Photos vs. Custom Mockups created by Mockuuups

Expressing your brand visually is hard.

Searching for mockups online to connect with your customers is almost impossible. Problem is... to create your own mockups, you’d have to hire a photographer, set up a location, and get a designer to turn images into mockups for you.

Instead, order custom mockups.

For the last 5 years, we’ve built up a collection of 4000+ stunning mockups available through our app. Now, for the first time, you can order bespoke mockups, faster than if you did it yourself – without the hassle.

Custom Mockups by Mockuuups Studio

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Fill in our short survey describing what your product does and what your looking to achieve. We’ll ask things like the number of scenes, device types, and where and how you’d like us to shoot them.


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After submission, we’ll come back with a price, what’s possible, and agree on deliverables. If you’re happy – we’ll get to work summoning the models and booking your location.


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We’ll grab the camera and make your vision a reality. With over 5 years of mockup experience and over 4000 mockups in the studio—you’re in safe hands.


Mockups delivered

We’ll review the shots, pick the best ones, and turn them into mockups available in Mockuuups Studio. Soon after, you’ll find the mockups in your account ready to drag and drop screenshots. They’re yours forever.

Your Photographer - Igor Zacharov

Meet Igor. Your photographer.

Hey, I’m Igor – the face behind the Mockuuups Studio scenes. I’ve spent the last 4 years shooting mockups with David and Marek in the studio so you don’t have to.

When not shooting mockups, you’ll find me shooting portraits, lifestyle, and motion photography for clients like Mercedes AMG and Prague city tourism.

I can’t wait to make your mockup dreams a reality.

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