Perspectiva mockup do iMac sobre a mesa branca


This bright, modern office will give your product screenshots a professional presentation. Featuring a first-person perspective of an iMac workstation on a white desk surrounded by office accessories. Customize our collection of iMac mockups instantly in our mockup generator!


  • Basta arrastar e soltar sua captura de tela ou importar da Figma, Sketch e Photoshop
  • Não há necessidade de baixar e armazenar grandes arquivos de design
  • Alta resolução (5472×3648)
  • Sem marcas d'água
Mockup Generator API

Generating iMac mockups from this template can be fully automated using our API. You only need to provide the ID of this mockup and a URL of the screenshot or website you want to place in the mockup and we'll take care of the rest. Learn more about the automation

XtWDyKvzoAIcEXh8 Copy ID

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Perspectiva mockup do iMac sobre a mesa branca

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